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CANADA POST: Rates for Publications Mail as of January 14, 2019


Price Per Item


Up to 50 g

Up to 500 g


$ 0.49

$ 0.79 + $0.0036 per g over 100 g

Special Handling(1)

Standardand Oversize - Up to 1.36 kg

(Formerly LCP)





$ 0.58 + $0.0038 per g over 200 g

$ 0.61 + $0.0038 per g over 200 g

$ 0.65 + $0.0038 per g over 200 g

Delivery Facility Presort

Standardand Oversize - Up to 1.36 kg

(Formerly NDG)

Local Rural

Regional Rural



$ 0.48 + $0.0028 per g over 100 g

$ 0.62 + $0.0035 per g over 100 g

$ 0.80 + $0.0037 per g over 100 g


Price Per Item


Per Loose Sample(2)


Bundles of Unaddressed copies

Up to 22.7 kg

Per Bundle

$2.48 per bundle + $3.87 per kg

Undeliverable (uPM)

Up to 22.7 kg

Return Postage(3)

$1.58 + $3.60 per kg

uPM Processing Fee


Undeliverable Publications Mail (uPM)—invest in future savings

For a fee, we'll notify you when your Publications Mail items are undeliverable. You can then remove invalid mailing addresses from your file. This lets you save on future mailings by improving the accuracy of your customer lists.

You have 2 options to receive uPM address information:

  1. Register to receive a weekly electronic report via email by calling 1-800-267-7651. The uPM processing fee applies to each undeliverable publication. This option provides you with the quickest access to information and allows you to easily reconcile charges on your statements.
  2. OR
  3. Receive the entire publication back with a packing slip confirming that it is undeliverable. No registration is required; we automatically send it to the Canadian return address printed on your publication. In addition to the uPM processing fee, you will also be charged for the postage of the publication.
(1) Special Handling category pricing applies to all types of groupings determined by the presortation software [Delivery Mode Direct (DMD), Delivery Facility (DF), Distribution Centre Facility (DFC), Forward Consolidation Point (FCP) and Residue].
(2) The price "per loose sample" does not apply to sample(s) that are bound or affixed to the pages within the publication, however the weight of these sample(s) must be included in the overall weight of the publication. The weight of loose samples should not be included with the weight of the publication.
(3) Applies to Publications Mail items (including Bundles of Unaddressed Copies) that are returned by mail, in addition to the uPM processing fee.
Use of the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) to prepare, transmit and submit an Order (statement of Mailing) is mandatory to access Machineable and Special Handling prices. A manually prepared Order will be priced at the applicable Delivery Facility Presort - National price.
All prices are subject to any applicable rebates, discounts, fees, surcharges, adjustments and taxes.
For further details, please visit our website at

Size Standards:

Minimum size: 90 mm x 140mm x 0.18mmT - 5 1/2" x 3 9/16" x .008

Maximum size: 279 mm x 362mm x 162mm- 14 1/4" x 10 15/16" x 6 3/8"

Maximum weight: 1.36 Kg. - 2.9 lbs.

Published delivery standards for Publications Mail:

Local: 3 to 4 days

Within a Province: 4 to 5 days

National: 4 to 15 days

At this time Canada Post does not have audited figures to determine how often they make these standards..

Frontier can provide advance tape work to qualify for LCP category as well as Address Accuracy. We will require detailed information in advance so you do not experience a delay. Please inquire on rates for this service.

NOTE: Accuracy is required for drops over 5,000 pcs.

Frontier can provide you rate comparisons on your publication, please FAX the details to: (905) 871-7787 and we will fax you a response.

The agreement number MUST be stated within the first 5 pages (or last 5 pages) of your publication (whether in the masthead or not). The words: "Publications Mail Agreement Number xxxxxxxx" assigned by Canada Post. Along with this information the address to which change of address information and address blocks of undeliverable copies should be sent. THIS MUST BE A CANADIAN RETURN ADDRESS TO RECEIVE ADDRESS CHANGE INFORMATION. You can use our address in Fort Erie if you do not at this time. Please advise if you plan to utilize our address with the appropriate information on which you would like this information forwarded to.

Publication name

PO Box 1051

Fort Erie, ON L2A 6C7

If your publication is mailed under cover this information must be clearly visible on the outside or, if clear wrapped, on the front or back cover of the publication.

Canada Post has introduced an indecia for the wrapper on cover as an option.
Postal Indecia Artwork:

Minimum Size: 19mm x 36mm - 3/4" x 1  7/16"

NOTE: Minimum FONT for service should be a minimum of 6 pt
and the permit information a min. of 7 pt. type

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